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BOSEbuild Collaboration with Kaya Stewart

Posted by Joe Titlow on

At BOSEbuild, we get really excited about the science of sound. It’s who we are. We also love music. After all, that’s what building a speaker is fundamentally about.  A speaker plays a critical role in connecting us with the music we love by making sure we hear at home what the artist that created that music wants us to hear. Every note, every detail. 


So we love it when we get to connect with the talented artists that breathe life into the speakers we make. We recently had the good fortune to connect with Kaya Stewart who is a young singer songwriter with amazing talent and a song that really spoke to us, called “Try it Out”. The song is about being young, curious, and having the courage to try things out. And we love it because that’s what BOSEbuild is all about. In spring of 2016, we shot a music video with Kaya and a great bunch of kids.


After the video shoot, we spent some time with the kids in the video, and had a great time going deeper into how speakers work and how they can reproduce music. We put together a mini-documentary of our time with them, which you can see here:



As engineers and technologists who love music, we’re thrilled to connect with talented musicians who are also passionate about science, technology, and discovery. We hope to do more with great musicians like Kaya Stewart, and we’ll continue to share those collaborations with you here.


Catch Kaya Stewart on tour w/ the Go-Go's and Best Coast this summer! (link)




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